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Post  alika on Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:07 pm

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Post  samaaSchendi - FG on Sat Aug 31, 2013 11:59 am

capriSchendi: training moment
xooAlex: -nods in agrement to Voivode-
capriSchendi: 1.. you were correct to state your unsureness when you did.... its best that you say you're not familiar with something if you're not.. that way we can focus on it....
VoivodeCruentus: (ooc - in fact panthers would not be allowed inside the Cities unless wearing a collar - or if they go there in disguise - a panther would not have made it 15 paces into Schendi without being laid in irons)
capriSchendi: 2..never speak the name of a Free
xooAlex: -standing placing my empty mug upon the arm of chair-Well it has been interesting to say the least in my visit here and I also enjoyed the fg of Schendi.Thank you for your hospitality.
capriSchendi: you were correct in greeting her.. but you never ever repeat the name of a free.. can you tell me why?
xooAlex: (yes I didn't want to get into the drama she wanted to try and start so I chose to ignore her-
xooAlex: )
capriSchendi: well wishes Master
capriSchendi: ~smiles~
capriSchendi: the pleasure was capri's ~smiles~
Sexybych664: Please take care, Master.
VoivodeCruentus: (ooc - there are a few exceptions to 2..never speak the name of a free - When a girl is asked for the name of her owner, she is suppossed to know it and to give it promptly - and if allowed to speak it by her Master at the rare occassions that might occur)
capriSchendi: she hopes You return soon
capriSchendi: ~nods in the affirmative to the Master Slaver~
capriSchendi: yes Master... ~smiles~
xooAlex: Well met Voivode, serve with passion always girls, I will return (rl calls me away)
Sexybych664: Girl sadly does not know the reason to not speak the name of the free.
VoivodeCruentus: Well met travelling visitor
capriSchendi: ok good
capriSchendi: would Master like to explain the reason to sister?
xooAlex: (the word Sir was used in the books often actually but it is also mainly used in BDSM/Ds)
capriSchendi: capri would like to hear Master's requirements
xooAlex: Take care people of Schendi
xooAlex: Well met
VoivodeCruentus: the word Sir is used by Free Women
VoivodeCruentus: not by a Panther
capriSchendi: nods
VoivodeCruentus: she is not Free
capriSchendi: nods again
capriSchendi: sky?
xooAlex: that can be a good discussion night and debate
Sexybych664: Yes, sister?
VoivodeCruentus: indeed
xooAlex: Take Care
VoivodeCruentus: panthers are outlaws
xooAlex has left the chat
capriSchendi: are you understanding what Master is saying about panthers?
Sexybych664: Yes, sister.
VoivodeCruentus: panthers and other women or males without a home stone
capriSchendi: Panthers pop in... act all important and try to intimidate sluts
VoivodeCruentus: are considered outlaws
capriSchendi: she is no better than you or me.. and you never have to treat them as Frees.. however...
Sexybych664: Are panthers always women?
VoivodeCruentus: they do not have the rights of a Free man or Free Women
capriSchendi: Yes
VoivodeCruentus: Panthers are Women
VoivodeCruentus: they are former Free that have escaped Free Companionship or slavery
Sexybych664: May girl put part of this chat log in her training thread?
capriSchendi: you are expected to be polite and graceful in your dealings with them
capriSchendi: yes sister
VoivodeCruentus: hiding in smaller or larger groups in the Northern Forest
capriSchendi: but you dont have to take any shit from them
VoivodeCruentus: where they try to survive
VoivodeCruentus: we have something similar in the Schendi Jungle - though it is a different variety
capriSchendi: ~listens to Master~
Sexybych664: What is girl to do if they start to act all high and mighty and treat her badly while no one else is in the room?
VoivodeCruentus: the Talunas of the Schendi region is like the amazons of the rain forest
capriSchendi: how would sister react to another slut treating her badly?
capriSchendi: yes... Master is right...
VoivodeCruentus: but they are not panthers
capriSchendi: capri forgot about the talunas
capriSchendi: always try to do the right thing.. if you do that your intent shows
Sexybych664: If they were not a slut of Schendi.. then she might turn rather rude.
Sexybych664: But it depends on how far they push her.
VoivodeCruentus: - leans back letting the First girl educate the new - listening to her words as he reflects upon the words of a panther grinning and slapping his right thigh, amused that most panthers in the end seek collars to the life of the Forest of the North -
Sexybych664: She takes quite a bit before ever getting a little pissed at them.
capriSchendi: smiles
capriSchendi: panthers hate capri
capriSchendi: and capri loves to mess with them
capriSchendi: lol
Sexybych664: *she giggles softly*
Sexybych664: How does sister mess with them?
capriSchendi: by being especially sexy and accommodating to the Men present
capriSchendi: they hate that
capriSchendi: i love to get my slut on when they come around ~laughs~
capriSchendi: they are ignorant and refuse to accept their place.. constantly fighting the enivetable
Sexybych664: *giggles a bit louder* But what are we to do when no one else is in the room except this girl and the panther/s?
capriSchendi: i dont have time for that bosk crap
capriSchendi: stand up for yourself slut
capriSchendi: dont let some slut push you around
capriSchendi: inappropriately
Sexybych664: *she smiles* Girl can handle that just fine.
capriSchendi: you are allowed to defend yourself against other slaves
capriSchendi: you handle the problem at the lowest level...
capriSchendi: then move up the chain if things get difficult
capriSchendi: but always come to me or tah
capriSchendi: if you cant handle something
Sexybych664: Understood.
Sexybych664: Girl has already done something of the sort and sent the chat log to Tah.
capriSchendi: dont be afraid to come to us.. be afraid if you dont...
capriSchendi: spill
Sexybych664: Girl had an encounter with a bond....
capriSchendi: encounter?
Sexybych664: *scowls slightly* This girl will never like bonds.
Sexybych664: One came in...
Sexybych664: Would, sister, like the chat log?
Sexybych664: Girl saved it on her comp just in case.
capriSchendi: just give me the readers digest version
capriSchendi: what happened?
capriSchendi: you did the right thing keeping the log
Sexybych664: A Master who frequantly comes in brought one of his bonds with him..
capriSchendi: ahhh
capriSchendi: who was the Master?
Sexybych664: She was acting rather rude to everyone, glaring at the other Masters in the room
capriSchendi: lol lol
Sexybych664: MikhaelSkalleOksen
capriSchendi: ahhh
capriSchendi: ok
capriSchendi: He is a friend of Schendi
Sexybych664: Indeed.
capriSchendi: so tell me sister....
capriSchendi: when you see someone acting like that... what do you think of them?
capriSchendi: do you think she embarassed her Master? or ??
Sexybych664: That they are completly and udderly disrespectful, and should be trained to do things differently...
Sexybych664: She infact did not.
Sexybych664: Apparently he allows his girls to do that..
capriSchendi: nods
Sexybych664: she even glared at him and he allowed it.
Sexybych664: It did not put this girl in a happy mood.
capriSchendi: she is the poster child of how not to behave.. you're right again
capriSchendi: do You think Ubar or Master Slaver would allow one of us to behave that way in front of guests? of course not... and all she did was look bad... makes you look like bosk cream doesn't it ~smiles~
Sexybych664: That Master had even offered to teach her how to be a bond before that, because girl knew nothing of bonds.
Sexybych664: Now, girl would never even go near wanting to possibly be a bond.
capriSchendi: its just so much easier to behave
capriSchendi: from what capri knows about bonds.. and this has been her experience with them.. they do think they are more sophisticated...
Sexybych664: *She giggles* Tah told girl that Ubar would probably tell the Master to "control his bitch" if he saw a girl acting like that.
capriSchendi: there is a story in one of the books about bonds acting superior
Sexybych664: (May girl be excused for a few moments?)
capriSchendi: thinks of the girl named radish.. and one named pretty ankles
VoivodeCruentus: aye but that is to slave girls from the south
VoivodeCruentus: even in the books the bondsmaids of the North do not show attitude towards the Free
capriSchendi: exactly
capriSchendi: capri would have loved to have tangled with that one ~laffs~
Sexybych664: (May girl please be excused for a few moments?)
capriSchendi: yes sister
Sexybych664: (Thank you)
VoivodeCruentus: but it is a general misconception of the bonds on imvu and the panthergirls - that they should act bratty and not in accordance with the books by JohN Norman - Fact is that all goreans even slaves understand the culture and the nature of things same with the panthers
capriSchendi: nods
VoivodeCruentus: given the fact that the rejuvination serum that freezes the aging process is given to females from 16 to 25
capriSchendi: nods
capriSchendi: capri has had hers
VoivodeCruentus: and for males given between 25 and 45 leaves the males far superior in strenght, if not cunning
VoivodeCruentus: there are clever panthers in the books Verna for one
capriSchendi: yes
capriSchendi: Verna
capriSchendi: but she did succomb
capriSchendi: didnt she?
VoivodeCruentus: the one who wears the ring of Ubara of Ar
capriSchendi: ahhh
capriSchendi: the daughter of Marlenous?
VoivodeCruentus: but she choose her freedom rather than join Marlenus
capriSchendi: yes
capriSchendi: yes yes
VoivodeCruentus: she is Talena - Free Companion to Tarl Cabot at one point
capriSchendi: yes
VoivodeCruentus: was the reason why Marlenus went after Verna
VoivodeCruentus: and Verna had set it up with Rask of Treve to try and capture Marlenus
capriSchendi: yes .. i remembered the players...
VoivodeCruentus: of Ar
capriSchendi: wonders why you never see any males with the stripe of degridation on imvu...
VoivodeCruentus: - the dark-skinned slaver knew well gorean history and legends having spend many hours with a scribe aboard the Merchant Vessels of Schendi hearing such -
VoivodeCruentus: because those playing the panthers have not read the books for the most part
capriSchendi: there are many thralls around... but none of them really follow the books... except maybe brother blaze a little bit
VoivodeCruentus: they just believe they know how to play them
VoivodeCruentus: fact is
capriSchendi: to me... its a dead giveaway
capriSchendi: brb
VoivodeCruentus has left the chat
VoivodeCruentus has joined the chat
VoivodeCruentus: (curses at the Kur at the IMVU workstations)
Sexybych664: (May this girl return?)
VoivodeCruentus: (sky may return - crashed as well did you - ? -)
Sexybych664: (No, girl went away from her keyboard to put up
Sexybych664: the dishes. )
capriSchendi: ~slips back in~
VoivodeCruentus: (IMVU has it out for me today - experinced 3 errors today)
capriSchendi: nods
capriSchendi: ~stabs~
VoivodeCruentus: welcome return first of the flowers of Schendi
Sexybych664: Girl has only crashd once today.
capriSchendi: ~smiles~ Thank You Master
Sexybych664: Welcome back, sister.
capriSchendi: thank you sister
Sexybych664: Girl has another question...
capriSchendi: ~listens~
VoivodeCruentus: Ask - ? -
Sexybych664: Does she always refer to you as sister or does she refer to you as First Girl? And when is each apropriet?
capriSchendi: ~defers to Master~
VoivodeCruentus: - turns his gaze to capri that she may answer -
capriSchendi: ~smiles~
Sexybych664: *giggles softly wondering which will answer*
VoivodeCruentus: - wide grin -
capriSchendi: you may refer to me however you like.. FG would be appropriate in a formal setting.. sister the rest of the time.
VoivodeCruentus: If you are being scolded or reprimanded show the first girl of Schendi respect by using her status as first on chain or if she gives orders in formal settings
capriSchendi: nods
Sexybych664: Understood.
VoivodeCruentus: other than that refer to her as sister - as it will make your bond firm and tighter
Sexybych664: Thank you for clearing that up.
capriSchendi: great answer Master
Sexybych664: *nods in agreement with her sister*
VoivodeCruentus: also never keep information or questions to yourself
VoivodeCruentus: as the first girl and her aid tah
VoivodeCruentus: is available to help you should you have such need
Sexybych664: May girl ask a very stupid question?
VoivodeCruentus: and a girl of the City is always able to beg permission to ask a question from one of the Schendi Masters
VoivodeCruentus: there are no stupid questions - if you do not know the answer
Sexybych664: Well girl does not know the answer..
VoivodeCruentus: so ask - ? -
Sexybych664: What does "tal" mean?
capriSchendi: "stupid is as stupid does" (Forrest Gump)
VoivodeCruentus: Tal is the standard gorean greeting
VoivodeCruentus: Much like we use Hi or Hey in everyday life
VoivodeCruentus: Tal is just the formal one
VoivodeCruentus: as we use good morning, good afternoon and good evening
VoivodeCruentus: but the goreans has one word for all times of the day
capriSchendi: capri does not use the word "tal" as she feels it is a greeting for the Free
capriSchendi: she uses the word "Greetings"
Sexybych664: That is what girl thought, but she did not want to use "tal" before she knew what it ment.
Sexybych664: Understood, sister.
VoivodeCruentus: Again - better to ask than to remain ignorant
capriSchendi: there is an argument among people that tal is no big deal.. but it is to me
capriSchendi: that is how i was taught
VoivodeCruentus: - the slaver would nod at the first girl -
Sexybych664: *she smiles* Girl has learned so much today.
VoivodeCruentus: Tal is a formal greeting - most commenly used among the Free
capriSchendi: capri could not agree more with Master's explanations.. ~smiles~
capriSchendi: oh oh
capriSchendi: and sister....
Sexybych664: Yes?
VoivodeCruentus: - the dark-skinned captain to the League of Black Slavers would rise from his place in the hall and offer a wide grin at both of the girls -
VoivodeCruentus: I shall be at the harbor rounding up suitable new recruits for my crew
capriSchendi: if i am in a serve.. and another Free enters the room.. you dont have to wait for me to greet first.. you acknowledge the FG is in service and you go ahead and greet
capriSchendi: awww
capriSchendi: yes Master
VoivodeCruentus: serve with fire you two
Sexybych664: Girl will.
capriSchendi: well wishes.. it was great seeing Master this day
Sexybych664: Please take care, Master.
Sexybych664: Girl hopes to see you again soon.
VoivodeCruentus: I shall look forward to returning -
Sexybych664: ahh understood, sister.
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