Training session 20/02/13 with FG and sister rose

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Training session 20/02/13 with FG  and sister rose  Empty Training session 20/02/13 with FG and sister rose

Post  Guest on Tue Feb 19, 2013 7:35 pm

capriSchendi: if we start doing something productive.. somebody will come in and interrupt
capriSchendi: lol
capriSchendi: so
riinaSchendi: lol u think
capriSchendi: lets practice positions
capriSchendi: sister riina.... sula!
capriSchendi: sister rose.... lips!
capriSchendi: ~taps on glass~ anybody here?
roseSchendi: lips
riinaSchendi: sister girl is thinking
capriSchendi: what do you do when a Master says.. "lips"
roseSchendi: girl doesnt know positions
roseSchendi: pout
riinaSchendi: She slid her legs from under her and lay on her back, her hands at her sides, palms up, her legs open."
capriSchendi: ok hold on
capriSchendi: excellent rinna
capriSchendi: riina*
riinaSchendi: thankyou sister
capriSchendi: rose
capriSchendi: mark this page as a favorite
roseSchendi: yes sister
capriSchendi: ok... now rose... find.. "lips" or "Master's kiss" and rp it right here for me
capriSchendi: slave lips
capriSchendi: riina... lesha!
riinaSchendi: yes sister
riinaSchendi: slave lips," pursing my lips for kissing, or to writhe slowly before my viewers.
capriSchendi: nos
capriSchendi: riina has lesha
capriSchendi: rose has slave lips
riinaSchendi: ops
riinaSchendi: wrong way round
capriSchendi: and not viewers.... the Master
capriSchendi: lol
riinaSchendi: girl flung her wrists behind her, separated by some two inches, and lifted my chin, my head turned to the left. I felt slave bracelets flung, snapping shut, on my wrists. I was braceleted. In another moment I was leashed".
capriSchendi: clap
capriSchendi: excellent
riinaSchendi: sister is testing girl now
capriSchendi: smiles
roseSchendi: Master takes the girls hair into His hand and yanks it rxposing her neck and face to Him kissing passionately possively both lips
capriSchendi: lesha is presenting your collar for leashing
capriSchendi: good rose
capriSchendi: that is the Master's kiss
riinaSchendi: ~smiles~ nice sister
capriSchendi: now do slave lips
riinaSchendi: who girk or rose
riinaSchendi: girl
capriSchendi: slave lips is similar to lesha in that a girl presents her pursed lips.... and waits until the Master decides to kiss them... very sexy
riinaSchendi: mmmmm puckers her lips waiting ~giggles~
capriSchendi: Men are turned on by that but most men here in IMVU arent awaree
capriSchendi: aware*
capriSchendi: so now...
capriSchendi: when presented with the command "slave lips" what do you do?
roseSchendi: get on all foursand lowers head to ground
capriSchendi: hows He gonna kiss you with your head on the ground sister
capriSchendi: we actually have the poses
roseSchendi: with bottocks to ground and legs and arms as well
capriSchendi: most acts are done in tower or nadu..
riinaSchendi: the slave turns her head up to the Master, her lips pursed in a sensual kissing position. She remains motionless, her lips thusly puckered, and may not move until she is granted the kiss of a Master
capriSchendi: if given the command "slave lips"
capriSchendi: yes
capriSchendi: yes yes yes
capriSchendi: perfect riina
capriSchendi: yay
capriSchendi: clap
riinaSchendi: girls lips puckered ready
capriSchendi: smiles
riinaSchendi: always are ~giggles~
capriSchendi: but remember the command.... slave lips...
capriSchendi: you will really impress someone who is aware
capriSchendi: ok
riinaSchendi: how can girls forget that one girls crave for Masters kisses
capriSchendi: smiles
capriSchendi: rose and riina... "heel"!
capriSchendi: ~moves to the center of the room~
roseSchendi: when girl heels to Master's side
riinaSchendi: The slave goes to the Master's left if He is right handed, right if left handed and about one and a half paces behind Him. She follows His movements from that point.
capriSchendi: ~swishing her beautiful silk against her creamy thighs
capriSchendi: yes
capriSchendi: rose
capriSchendi: left side means what?
roseSchendi: depends on weapon
capriSchendi: correct
riinaSchendi: ~nods~
capriSchendi: most favored girl will stay to her Master's left
capriSchendi: if He gives the command move to My right.. you know your ass is in trouble
riinaSchendi: that could be good thing
roseSchendi: yes sister
capriSchendi: and yes... lefthanded righhanded is in play
capriSchendi: if He's right handed... most favored girl is His left
capriSchendi: its a symbol of a girls place
riinaSchendi: by his heels on left
capriSchendi: yes
capriSchendi: always use your head and go to His left unless He indicates otherwise
capriSchendi: now
capriSchendi: if His girl enters.. you move to the righyt
capriSchendi: right
riinaSchendi: ~nods~
capriSchendi: she goes to the left...and you should never have to be told this
capriSchendi: you just do it
capriSchendi: always ask to approach
capriSchendi: especially if they are guests
riinaSchendi: yes sister
capriSchendi: our Masters are different
capriSchendi: we ask to approach when there are guests present
capriSchendi: we show our Master's complete respect in front of others
riinaSchendi: which is how it should be
capriSchendi: we dont kiss cocks in front of guests.. male or female unless ordered to
riinaSchendi: yes in respect
capriSchendi: and always always show great respect to the Ubar...
capriSchendi: He's One who wouldnt demand it verbally
riinaSchendi: sister can girl re cap on something
capriSchendi: yes sister
capriSchendi: rose
capriSchendi: think of some questions
riinaSchendi: when greeting and Ubar is in room and girls Master you always greet Ubar first is that right
capriSchendi: no sister
capriSchendi: Always greet Your Master First
riinaSchendi: greet girls Master first
riinaSchendi: yes sister
capriSchendi: Yes
capriSchendi: but
capriSchendi: technically Master dj isn't your Master yet
riinaSchendi: yes girl knows this
riinaSchendi: was just checking
roseSchendi: girl greets ubar then slaver on down line
roseSchendi: then Fg and others
capriSchendi: phone
capriSchendi: grrrrrr
riinaSchendi: tyt
roseSchendi: but she waits til FG greets then follows suit[[[
riinaSchendi: yes sister FG greets first
capriSchendi: sorry
capriSchendi: back
riinaSchendi: welcome back sister
capriSchendi: thank y ou sister
capriSchendi: ok
capriSchendi: reads up
capriSchendi: responding to rose
capriSchendi: Yes sister
capriSchendi: thats correct
capriSchendi: and rose
capriSchendi: since sister is a city slave.... guess what this means?
riinaSchendi: girl has another question when sister is ready
capriSchendi: waits for rose's response
roseSchendi: she is last to greet any Master unless she is alone and she asks to serve
capriSchendi: smiles
capriSchendi: no hon
capriSchendi: it means that you are owned technically by the Ubar
capriSchendi: smiles
capriSchendi: sister should look at it that way and treat Him accordinglky
roseSchendi: yes sister
roseSchendi: Mat girl have a moment please rl
capriSchendi: so i dont want you to feel like you are not wanted.... ~smiles~ because you most certainly are and you represent Schendi perfectly
capriSchendi: yes sister
capriSchendi: Ubars not going to let you go to just anybody
capriSchendi: ok
capriSchendi: riina?
riinaSchendi: yes sister
capriSchendi: your question?
roseSchendi: May girl return
capriSchendi: yes sister
riinaSchendi: girls 2 weeks is up very very soon in few hours
capriSchendi: smiles
capriSchendi: yes?
riinaSchendi: so what becomes of girl now girk has to wait for Master dj to do his 30 days ?
capriSchendi: yes sisster
capriSchendi: sister*
capriSchendi: smiles
riinaSchendi: just checking sister
capriSchendi: enjoy the time sister
riinaSchendi: oh no doubt girl will ~smiles~
capriSchendi: smiles
capriSchendi: ok
capriSchendi: question
capriSchendi: what are some things that are done with a girl's hair?
capriSchendi: How is a girl's hair used?
roseSchendi: to be controlled by the Master as He sees fit
riinaSchendi: girls wear ribbons flowers in there hair
capriSchendi: good answer rose...
capriSchendi: ok rina.. is there a significance when a girl wears flowers in her hair?
riinaSchendi: aghhhhhhhhhhhh
riinaSchendi: Is often associated with feminine love, beauty and passion for the girls Master
capriSchendi: how so sister?
riinaSchendi: errrr racking brian now
capriSchendi: you're on the right track....
riinaSchendi: that wearing flowers she has surrenderded herself to him
riinaSchendi: as a love slave
riinaSchendi: think sister fell asleep
capriSchendi: sorry
capriSchendi: interrupted as usual
riinaSchendi: its fine sister
capriSchendi: ok
capriSchendi: yes.. the wearing of flowers in a girl's hair is significant usually .....
capriSchendi: showing she wants His attention
capriSchendi: but sometimes.. she just likes to wear flowers
capriSchendi: lol
capriSchendi: sorry
riinaSchendi: bit conflicting
capriSchendi: be right back
capriSchendi: yes
riinaSchendi: tyt
capriSchendi: it is
capriSchendi: ok back
roseSchendi: welcome back
capriSchendi: thank you sister
riinaSchendi: welcome back
roseSchendi: your welcome
capriSchendi: ok
capriSchendi: any other questions girls?
capriSchendi: ~stiffens~
riinaSchendi: mmm dont think so sister
roseSchendi: no sister girl will read and study
capriSchendi: ok
riinaSchendi: girls gonna post her training log
capriSchendi: good sister
capriSchendi: rose...
capriSchendi: you should too
riinaSchendi: girl enjoyed that
roseSchendi: yes sister
roseSchendi: under the traing or under personal
capriSchendi: i would put it under training


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